Let's see the stats!
The figures below should give you a better idea of how to compare the HIR bulbs to standard bulbs.  But, I have just one anecdote to tell you for a more human comparison.  . . I recently got together with some local e31 owners to visit with a guy from England who is touring the US East Coast with his amaxing Euro 850CSi.  His euro headlights, with over-wattage H1 bulbs and heavy-up wiring, were not brighter than stock USA housing running the HIR bulbs.  And, the fellow couldn't leave his lamps lit while standing still for fear of heat damage to the housings.  That's not an issue with the HIRs, which are rated the same as stock -- 55W and 65W.
  Type * HB4/9006 HIR2/9012 HB3/9005 HIR1/9011  
  Beam Standard Low HIR Low Standard High HIR High  
  W@V 55W@12.8W 55W@12.8W 65W@12.8W 65W@12.8W  
  Lumens 1000 1875 1700
  ColorTemp 3100K 3600K 3250K 3600K  
  Rated Life * * 1000 hours 800 hours 225 hours 300 hours  

*   US DOT designates the bulb type and, in the case of these bulbs, two designators were assigned to each bulb.    **  Rated Life is measured at 14.0 V and is for comparative purposes only.  It does not equate to real-world life in any meaningful way; real-world life is always longer.




Our 9011/HR1 and 9012/HR2 bulbs are manufactured by Toshiba of Japan.  With the exception of their spherical bulb glass and infrared-reflective coating, they are practically identical to the 9055 and 9066 in all dimensions.  The 9011 and 9012 do, however, have a plastic base tab which can easily be filed down so it may fit the 9005 and 9006.  ( See Http://shnu.us/HIR%20Trimming%20Stock.htm for instructions.) After this tab is filed, the overall length of the Toshiba 9011 and 9012 is identical to that of the 9005 and 9006.


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